Resin in Bloom

*RESERVATION* for Custom Funeral Flower Preservation

Losing someone is devastating and you often find yourself trying to save every item you can that reminds you of them.
I offer funeral flowers preservation in my services and I will take and dry memorial floral arrangements to make keepsakes out of them. I do work with ashes and hair.
This is for a reservation only, final price will be determined by size of final order.

Options include ring holders, coasters, desk decor, paperweights, large squares, and more! I can customize with names, dates, words, etc and I can add personal items like clothing, jewelry, most dry items, if you want it in the piece, as long as it’s dry, I could add it.
I can add ashes if desired.

Email me with any questions!
*Military Funerals get deposits waived! Please email me for next steps!*

Each item is handmade made by me in my home in south central Missouri! I dry all my own flowers and offer customization for every piece, but most items will need to be customized before being finished.